KrAzie. Silly. CooL. 

Introducing the most versatile accessory for your hands since Silly Bandz. 

Colorful & tactile soft plastic koils slip easily on all finger sizes and can be snipped with scissors to the desired length. Krazie Koils can easily be added to backpacks, pens, pencils, glasses and anywhere else you choose to use them.


Krazie Laces are smaller in size and are made to slide over shoelaces!  

Sensory Tools

Our koils are ideal for the classroom setting as they're completely silent. Originally created as a tool for those that suffer from ADHD, Anxiety & Autism. We suffer from ADHD ourselves and find the koils to be a great addition to our fidget toolbox. 

Made from a flexible, spiral plastic so they won't 

limit finger flexibility. Our koils easily bend and

can attach to just about anything.


They also come in handy when used as table confetti or party decorations!

Fill a glass jar and instantly add a pop of color to any room. Hand them

out to friends the next time you go to cheer on your favorite sports team! 

Krazie Koils are a product of

16th Round Productions, LLC

Proudly made in the USA. Patent D897883.

We're happy to answer any of your questions as well as discuss custom orders. Please feel free to email us!

Clever Krazie Koil Fans

We love hearing the clever ways our customers use Krazie Koils! Email a photo and we'll try our best to share  it on our site!